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Cryptography and Writings

Hello Guys, welcome back. I hope you had read so many poems, but cryptography also used in poetry. Wired Idea? No it's true, even cryptography use in Holy Books, writings etc. The Morning Sun, I hope you like to read this poem . How cryptography works in poetry , writings and holy books. 

Let's start with Holy books, there are thousand of meaning a single verses. That's a beauty of cryptography. In Sufism it's called divine layer which can hide in their verses. Verses are generic and abstract, so you can take advantage in any context, it will guide you. You can try it. People impress with this techniques, so they use in their own writing i.e Rumi, Sheikh Saadi etc. Everyone knows they had passed for hundred, thousands years ago but there are people who read them and understand them. Later Scientists like newtons, galileo etc also used in their books so that people don't understand how they calculate nature laws. I can know this because I have read most interesting novels Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. In the novel events and place are true but story are fictional. You like it if you want to read it.
Next is how poets used, most of time poets used different way to writing to tell you something. Words have meanings, but sometimes stanzas hide something i.e Paradise Lost
,Masnavi Rumi prove my point. However it's not same which I discuss last blog, it's entirely different. Layering similar to cryptography actually layering apply on abstract messages.

Another things many painters , architectures, artists use this technique. Magic square 4x4, Taj Mahals, Mona Lisa etc are various examples. Peoples builds great things, but now a days artists play with mathematics rules, like our grandparents and their grandparents did. Thank you Have a good day.


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