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Receiver bind to special type of methods

Welcome, After a long time, I will share next article about advance methods that can increase problem efficiency, very useful . Let's begin this. Method Value :      Method Value are special type of methods. These methods don't receive receiver parameter. That why they are special methods. These are generally use in package level api or client defined behaviour. Let study example case i package main import ( "fmt" ) type Op struct{ x int } func(o *Op)Add(y int)int{ return o.x +y } func main() { // case i op := Op{4}  // method value res := op.Add fmt.Println(res(4)) //case ii oprend := &Op{5}   // method expression add := (*oprend).Add fmt.Println(add(4)) } Method Expression:         Method Expression are similar like to method values, but there is one great difference and is methods take parameter as a receiver, just like old example but you can bind with more than one methods. In method expression (*T).f is an